Excellent quality of white and rosé wines 


The Control Board of the DOCa Rioja has awarded the official rating of 'GOOD' to the 2014 vintage, which offered better results than those of the previous campaign both in terms of quantity and quality. After a vegetative cycle with a very favorable climate, the Riojan vineyard had an excellent vegetative and health situation at the end of the veraison, with great harvest prospects in terms of quantity and quality that the adverse weather conditions only allowed in part.
We can say that these expectations were largely fulfilled, and this is reflected in the “GOOD” mark received, given the heterogeneity of the wines from this vintage, with a significant percentage of high quality wines to meet the need for aged wines. It should be noted the excellent quality of the white and rosé wines from this vintage, as unanimously recognized by the 140 members of the Tasting Panel of the Board.
The Control Board announced, on October 21st, the official closure of a harvest whose first grapes were cut on August 30th at the eastern town of the DOCa., Alfaro. It continued slowly and without problems until the first weekend of October, when the peak moment of the harvest took place at La Rioja. During this period, more than 300 million kilograms of grapes were collected, and they were in perfect health conditions. The last third of the harvest was conditioned by an unfavorable weather, which required the viticulturists to show once again their good preparation to deal with this type of situations and obtain the best of each exploitation through a selective harvest. The negative effects were minimized in many of the vineyards that received the appropriate treatments, such as bunch thinning, leaf removing, etc.
The total area of productive vineyards in the 2014 vintage was of 61,645 hectares, two hundred less than in the previous vintage. From that total, 57,761 hectares were red varieties, with a production of 398 million kilograms, and 3,884 hectares were white varieties, whose production totaled 36 million kilograms. This production corresponds to the current productive potential of the DOCa Rioja, according to the limitation of maximum yields per hectare defined for this campaign.

Final rating: GOOD.

Classified wine: 293.52 million liters.

Red: 258.15 million liters.

White: 20.37 million liters.

Rosé: 14.99 million liters.